2013 Sydney Royal


                                                                                                  2013 Purina Sydney Royal Dog Show.


With around 4,000 entries at the Purina Sydney Royal Dog Show.

Supreme Champion Chethang Nathaniel (Imp UK) 'Nate' was awarded Best Exhibit in Group (Group 1st).

Babanga was also awarded Best Breeders Group in Show.

This award is highly prized and a reward for our dedication to the breed.

Just some of the comments on the day were

  • Just so typey
  • A Beautiful team of such beautiful dogs
  • Couldn't go past the Lhasa Apso Team

Our team consisted of the following dogs, handlers and owners.

Australian Champion Babanga Solitary Man 'Rocco' owned by Paul & Kay York handled by Kay,

Australian Champion Babanga Vegas Showgirl 'Vegas' owned by Paul & Kay York handled by Candice Craig

Australian Supreme Champion Babanga A Chip Offthe Bloc 'Chip' owned by Alister, Lesley & Dawn Currie handled by Lesley

Australian Champion Babanga A Diva is Born 'Diva' owned by Alister, Lesley & Dawn Currie handled by Dawn

There are just so many beautiful memories and photos from the day we thought we would share them with you. We thank everyone who has supplied us with photos from this very special day. We hope you enjoy.

Click each link to view larger photo.

Nate pictured here with his Best of Breed Trophy.
Supreme Champion Chethang Nathaniel (Imp UK) Nate shown here being handled by Michael. They are just an absolute joy to watch together. This photo was taken during judging Best in Group.



We Won Best in Group (Group 1st)
We just love these photos of Michael & Nate.
Nate & Michael with the Best of Breed Trophy
This photo is of our Group Specials Judge Mrs Mueller (Sui) Michael Paul Kay & Jenny after winning Best in Group (Group 1st)
Nate & Michael
The Best in Show Lineup
Preperation for judging ringside
Waiting!!! Waiting!!
Dawn with Tico Im Mister Magoo (Magoo)
Another ringside photo of Dawn and Magoo in the assembly area.
Dawn & Magoo, looking just like his dad Rocco!!



Lesley with Australian Chamion Babanga A Chip offthe Bloc winner of Res CC and Runner up Best of Breed.
This is Rocco Australian Champion Babanga Solitary Man. He is also one of our Breeders Team.
Australian Champion Babanga A Diva is Born with Dawn. Diva also went on the be part of our Breeders Team
Dawn with Australian Champion Babanga A Diva is Born after winning Bitch CC Sydney Royal. Her litter brother Chip pictured on this page was Res Dog CC and Runner Up Best of Breed.
Candice with Australian Champion Babanga Vegas Showgirl. Vegas and Candice also went on to be part of the Breeders Team.
Another lovely photo of Candice and Vegas.
Being judged at Breed level for Best Breeders Team of the Breed
The announcement of Breeders Team at Breed Level.
Congratulations from our judge Mrs Meuller (Sui) after being announced Best Breeders Team at Breed Level.
Photo time after winning Best Breeders Team at Breed Level.
Concentration from the Team





Waiting for the announcement winning Breeders Team in Group

The moment Breeders Group in Show was announced. Lots of emotion as you can see from both dogs and handlers.
Breeders Team in Show Trophy & Rosettes. Awarded to our Breeders Group what a wonderful day.
Enjoying the moment
This photo is one to treasure. Nate and Michael in the centre Left to right Kay & Rocco, Candice & Vegas, Lesley & Chip, Dawn & Diva with Paul on the end.
Nate and his progeny.
Grooming and benching area Sydney Royal is always busy with the public and preparation. Candice doing a great job banding everyone up after judging.
Lesley in Supervisor Role!!



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